CryptoCurrency Starter Series: Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of the CryptoCurrency Starter Series. In Part 4, we install Windows 10 and install your mining software.

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Part 4 - Before Installing Windows

Wait! You don't need to use Windows at all - you can use another operating system, such as Linux, macOS, or just about any version/fork of Linux.

However, most people are very familiar with and comfortable with Windows. By using Windows 10, you don't have to learn how to install and use another operating system.

If you're using macOS on an Apple desktop or Apple laptop, you can skip this section.

Part 4a - Installing Windows

In this step, we are working on the basis that you've following this guide, and that you've purchased the components we selected in Part 3. If you've done that, then you've got a new PC without an operating system - you'll need to install Windows.

Obtaining and Activating Windows 10

  • Use your existing internet-connected computer to download Windows 10 from Microsoft.

  • Go to the Microsoft website to download Windows 10

  • Follow the instructions to download the Windows 10 ISO disc image and save it to a USB drive.

  • Insert the USB drive in to a USB port on your mining PC and turn on your mining PC and monitor.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 10. (A guide can be found here).

  • Activate Windows 10 using a valid Windows licence.

  • You can buy a Windows licence from the Microsoft online store (information here) and (example here); or

  • You can buy a Windows licence from a software reseller (example here)

  • Click Start > Settings > System > About > Windows Specifications and provide the product key or licence key that you purchased.

After you have successfully installed Windows 10, restart your PC.

Download and Install your Mining Software

Next, you'll need to download your mining software.

We recommend using NiceHash.

Download NiceHash Miner

  • Click to go to the NiceHash Miner download page

  • Select the version of NiceHash Miner you want to download, based on whether you purchased an AMD-based or nVidia-based GPU.

  • Save the software to a directory on your mining PC. Example: My Documents > Software > NiceHash Miner

  • Wait for the download to complete.

  • Double-click the file to unzip and install the mining software.

  • More help can be found here

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