Windows PC monitors need to improve. Now.

Why do I still have a 1985 VGA plug on the back of my new 2018 PC monitor? Windows PC monitors need to improve. Now. Immediately.

The Surface Studio display is an awesome monitor.

Microsoft, please force everyone else to make awesome monitors!

Now that we are moving forward in to 2019 and 2020, can we pleeeeeeeeease have Microsoft use their influence to encourage display manufacturers to hurry up and get the USB-C and Thunderbolt action happening.

I'm talking about killing VGA ports, DisplayPorts, mini-DisplayPorts, and HDMI ports, and making my external monitor connect over USB-C's DisplayPort channel (for cheaper monitors) or over Thunderbolt (for higher-priced monitors). I bought my first VGA monitor in the 1980s with a blue VGA port. Why am I still seeing VGA ports on new desktops and laptops in 2018? Why?

Moreover, let's put weight on the monitor manufacturers to value-add to their monitors by integrating docking and charging.

I want to have a new monitor with:

  • Thunderbolt port for serving pixels to the screen

  • A second Thunderbolt port to supply bandwidth for the dock

  • The dock will have:

  • Two powered USB-C ports

  • Two non-powered USB-C ports

  • Ethernet port

  • SD card slot

  • TOSLINK audio jack

  • A Qi wireless charging station in the foot of the monitor

Just imagine, you arrive home with your new HP laptop. You walk in to your home office, and put your laptop on the desk. You plug in one Thunderbolt cable to your laptop (the other end goes to the docking station built in to the rear of your monitor), and a second Thunderbolt cable that goes out to my external GPU and back to my main external display.

Now, my portable and power efficient HP laptop becomes the heart of my desktop PC experience. It is supplemented by an external GPU, to give me more horsepower for editing videos or playing games. I don't have to plug in any other cables, because everything is connected to the integrated dock in the rear of my monitor.

My wired keyboard and gaming mouse connect over USB-C.

My Ethernet connection plugs in to the dock on the monitor.

My external SSDs and backup drives are on Thunderbolt connected to the dock.

My wired or Bluetooth headset sit on the desk.

My printer connects over wifi.

My home media server connects to my wired network.

All of my home automation devices connect on a separate SSID on the wifi network.

Once it's all set up, I don't need to worry about what plugs in where, because it's all networked and docked. I just plug in two Thunderbolt cables to my laptop, and I'm done.

Wouldn't that be nice!

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas


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