Leaving Apple for the PC

Part 2 - Leaving Apple for the PC

Leaving Apple for the PC

Breaking up is hard to do.

This, however, was easier than I thought it would be.

Five iMacs, two Mac Mini's, three MacBook Pros, a Mac Mini Server, an iPhone 5, and an iPhone X.

My iPhone X will survive until the mobile carrier contract expires, and then I'll be torn between getting the latest iPhone in 2019, or the best of Samsung's S10 lineup in 2019.... unless Microsoft surprise everyone with a Surface Phone running Qualcomm Snapdragon and Windows 10.

My long-suffering iPad Mini 2 (now about 5 years old) is still here, and gets used all day every day. Apple's iPad Mini 3 was launched and replaced in 4 months. The iPad Mini 4 has been around since then, but at $579, it is expensive, and it offers little in terms of an "upgrade" from what the Mini 2 already has.

Better, Faster, Stronger... Cheaper

Leaving Apple for the PC has been rewarding. The Windows 10 PCs we now have in the office are glamourous, better, faster, and stronger solutions than what Apple offers in its current range, and our choice of HP hardware has meant substantial savings over the equivalent specification of Apple hardware - saving from $500 on an iMac to saving $1000 on a laptop. When you're buying 8 computers, it adds up.

HP's computers have had a glamour makeover and now offer more polish than the Apple designs.

While my employees thought I was "cheaping out" when I ordered myself a Dell laptop instead of a HP Spectre, I was amused for a moment, until they realised that I can unscrew the bottom cover, add more RAM, swap out the SSD for a larger capacity drive, and have an on-board HDMI port and an SD card reader, not offered on the comparably-priced HP laptops. While the Dell is less glamourous, it fits my needs, and I can still enjoy the 360 rotating screen, touch screen-tablet mode, pen; and a 15" display instead of a 13" display.

The HDMI port lets me connect to a 27" monitor at my desk without needing an adapter, and without having to pay a lot more for a USB-C-equipped monitor.

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas


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