Why I quit Apple and became a PC guy

It's true: I'm leaving Apple and becoming a PC guy. Let me tell you why.

Apple Anniversary

I waited. I tried. I really did.

I waited as long as I possibly could.

I was a Windows guy. I moved to Apple upon the launch of the iPhone 5. I kept my beloved iPhone 5 until the release of the iPhone X.

Then I waited and waited and waited, 4 years, for my Mac Mini 2014 to receive an update in 2018.

The new Mac Mini was underwhelming.

The iPhone XS was not that much different from the iPhone X.

The iPhone XR was not that much different from the iPhone X either.

The new iPad Pro's are far too expensive.

The 21.5" iMac is now two years old and needs a refresh. It needs to grow up and become a 24" machine.

The 27" iMac is now two years old and needs a refresh - with no refresh in sight.

The 27" iMac Pro is a $5000 non-upgradeable space-grey variation on a theme.

The cylindrical Mac Pro is still hanging around from 2013 with a $4000+ price tag.

The MacBook Pro laptops in 13" and 15" sizes have become far too expensive.

Even the new MacBook Air, released last month, nudges $1100 - the old MacBook Air started at $799.

While I do dearly love the apps, and love the features of my iPhone X, I'm not upgrading to the newer iPhone XS, or side-shuffling to the lower-spec and cheaper iPhone XR.

Apple - you're great, but you're far too expensive.

(By the way, Windows PCs have caught up).

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas


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