Surface Book 2 gets it right

Oh, Microsoft. You left the best til last. Surface Book 2 gets it right. Left. Right.

Surface Book 1: wow.

Version 1 of the Surface Book was a show-stopper. Not only was it an amazingly-powerful laptop, in a stunning design, it also made audiences lose their lids when the Surface Book lost its lid - the screen detaches.

Surface Book 2: more wow.

Even more wow comes as standard with the new Surface Book 2.

Not only do we get the same great form factor, we get a 13" version and a 15" version, we still get the detachable screen, and we get excellent Nvidia dedicated graphics chips.

We get the option of more RAM, better and more SSD storage, updated 8th-generation Intel processors, but no matte black option as seen on the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2.

Everyone loves that Fulcrum hinge, and the party-trick detachable screen is jaw-dropping when you're not expecting a laptop to lose its lid and become a tablet.

Left. Right. Out.

While Microsoft lovingly blessed the Book 2 with a USB-C port, there's still no Thunderbolt port. Sad times.

I accept that the inclusion of a Thunderbolt port would completely kill sales of the Surface Dock, but, even the dock doesn't have USB-C or Thunderbolt on it.

Even less than less wow, is that the Surface Book 2 hideously expensive in Australian Dollars.


Overall, the Surface Book 2 is a total beast, it's fast, powerful, surprising, elegant, professional, capable, and has wow-factor, we just wish it had Thunderbolt... and was available in Cobalt blue.

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas


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