Surface Laptop lacks lustre, matte black

Today we continue our series of Surface reviews with the new Surface Laptop 2. We love the little guy, but what it lacks in ports, it makes up for in matte black. Is it worth it?

Surface Laptop 2: lacks lustre

We had hoped for more from version 2 of the Surface Laptop.

We love the little guy. He's cute, he's sexy, he's available in a range of colours, with square edges and a cool vibe. Not the most powerful laptop, but very portable, efficient, stylish, and one of the only choices if you want a productive 4:3 aspect screen.

Surface Laptop 2: we wanted more

We really really wanted more from version 2. We wanted a USB-C port. We hoped for Thunderbolt. We were disappointed, Microsoft.

We got the same as version 1: one USB-A port, one mini DisplayPort, one Surface Connect power/dock port, an SD card slot and audio jack.

We love everything else about the Surface Laptop 2. We just really really wanted more.

Surface Laptop 2: saving grace

The saving grace is of course, matte black. There's now a matte black case option to go with the already-available Platinum, Cobalt Blue, and Burgundy.

The black version looks great, feels great, shows off the shiny logo against the otherwise matte lid, and we feel the black/dark grey Alcantara keyboard will show less dirt than the other options.

We just really wish it had a USB-C port or even a Thunderbolt port to keep it modern and easily expandable.

Oh, and the speakers are under the keyboard, they're loud, clear, and sound amazing. Put some Adele on there and turn it up and you'll be smiling. Just matte black all the things. OK.

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas


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