CryptoCurrency Starter Series

Today we start our CryptoCurrency Series on the blog, taking you step by step through the world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto-wallets, buying and selling. We'll also debut our series on building your own Mining PC, so you can mine your own Bitcoin or other currency.

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CryptoCurrency Starter Series

Section 1 - Building your own Mining PC

  • Step by Step - Overview and Budget

  • Selecting your PC Case

  • Selecting your Motherboard

  • Selecting your RAM, Hard Drive, Power Supply, etc

  • Selecting your GPU (Graphics Card)

  • Building your own Mining PC

  • Operating System: Installing Windows 10

  • Software: Installing other necessary software

  • Connecting to the Internet

  • Ready to Go

Here are the steps:

Part 1: Build Overview and Budget

Part 2: Selecting Hardware Components

Part 3: Assembling the Components

Part 3 b: Adding your third, fourth, or more GPU

Coming Soon

Part 4: Windows and Mining Software Installation

Section 2 - CryptoCurrency Mining Software Setup

  • Step by Step - Overview

  • Selecting your desired currency

  • Our Recommended Currencies

  • Setting up your Exchange Account

  • Setting up your Online Wallet

  • Setting up your Offline Wallet

  • Setting up your Mining Software

  • Does it work?

  • Ready to Go

Coming soon.

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