Mac Mini 2019 details emerge

Finally, we have access to reliable details on the state of the new Mac Mini. In hybernation since 2014, many Apple customers have been clamouring for a real update to the smallest and most affordable desktop Mac. Now, we have details on the Mac Mini 2019.

The previous Mac Mini

The previous Mac Mini was a wunderkind of size and performance when it debuted in the early 2010s. It took the best of the Mac hardware experience at the time, and shrunk it in to a small box. Next, it was updated with an aluminium enclosure and a number of new ports. The next few updates leading to 2014 were minor spec bumps to the processor and RAM options, and a final iteration made the RAM non-user-serviceable.

From 2014 onwards, no changes to Mac Mini hardware were made, while the iMac, Mac Pro, iMac Pro, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros received numerous upgrades.

Why has Apple abandoned the adorable Mini?

Then in 2017, Tim Cook confessed his commitment to a new Mac Mini, and all was right in the world again.

The new Mac Mini

Up until today, nothing has been known about the new Mac Mini 2019. There have been scant rumours, and no hard details.

Today, we have the following details:

  • Solid aluminium enclosure

  • Rubberised feet

  • Heat exhaust slots in the base

  • Custom miniaturised motherboard

  • User-upgradable solid state drive

  • User-upgradable RAM

  • Vented access hatch

  • External power supply

  • Stackable cartridges for adding additional solid state drive storage

  • Stackable cartridges interlock with a vertical Thunderbolt connection.

As for ports, the main unit will feature:

  • Power in

  • Two USB-C ports

  • Four Thunderbolt ports

  • UHS-II SD card slot

  • Ethernet port

  • Audio in and out

  • Wifi and Bluetooth

  • One vertical Thunderbolt accessory port on the base for stackable accessories

Expect the main unit to be sized between the Apple TV and the current Mac Mini, at approximately:

  • 30mm high

  • 110mm wide

  • 110mm deep

Accessory cartridges that stack under the Mac Mini will be:

  • 20mm high

  • 110mm wide

  • 110mm deep

The Mac Mini will continue the tradition of the old Mini, being sold without a keyboard and mouse. Customers will have the option of using their own keyboard and mouse, or purchasing one of Apple's, allowing customers the option of a black or white set of peripherals.

The Mac Mini will be sold in just one base configuration, containing a processor, RAM, GPU, motherboard, and the above ports. To add more RAM or other features, customers will need to purchase a compatible attachable cartridge.

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