Apple moves closer to decision on 27" iMac

Apple is moving closer to a decision on its 27" iMac, with the screen size debate now narrowed to one of two choices.

Previous News

Previously, speculation had indicated Apple was evaluating a range of different screen sizes for the replacement of the aging 27" iMac.

Debate had centred on using a 27" edge to edge screen in a smaller case, or using a 29" edge to edge screen in the same size case. Other options on the list had included 27, 18, 29, 32, and 34 inch versions, some in widescreen and very wide screen formats, similar to recent LG screen sizes.

Current News

This week's news suggests that the decisions have narrowed to just two options:

  • a 27" screen in a slightly smaller case, or

  • a 29" screen in the same size case.

Our money would be on the 29" screen being the front-runner.

This would be the first time the size of the 27" iMac screen has changed since its launch, and would also allow Apple to retain its current size boxes and packing methodologies for shipping computers around the world.

As reported here previously, we're also expecting a number of other changes to the iMac, including Face ID, fingerprint readers, and updated internals.

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