Apple to refresh iMac range in October 2018

Apple fans rejoice - the iMac range will be refreshed in October 2018. After launching the iPhone XS and XS Max in September, the next update will be for the iMac computer series, at an event in October.

Looking to the future

Apple will have an eye on the future with the iMac range, giving the desktop range its first design change since the introduction of the slim iMacs.

21.5" iMac discontinued

Gone is the 21.5" iMac, to be replaced by a 24" iMac, with an even slimmer rear profile and redesigned stand.

The screen will remain Retina and will stretch further to the edges, mimicking the iPhone screen design with narrow bezels and a slimmer chin.

In another futuristic move, the four rectangular USB-A ports will disappear, and be replaced with four USB-C ports.

The Thunderbolt ports will remain, with two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the 24 inch version.

Apple is expected to keep the SD card slot, Ethernet port, audio jacks, and Bluetooth connectivity in tact.

While Apple wont add a HDMI out port, you'll be able to connect a second screen via DisplayPort out via USB-C or Thunderbolt.

Expect version-bump minor upgrades to the webcam, speakers, Bluetooth version, and mouse.

Processors are expected to be updated to Intel's latest designs.

The keyboard may get a fingerprint reader, and the webcam may get Face ID - these details remain unconfirmed.

27" iMac reimagined

As for the 27" iMac, expect a similar range of revisions and updates.

While achieving a slightly slimmer rear case and redesigned stand, the face of the iMac 27" will change as well.

Expect an iPhone-esque look, with narrow bezels, a slimmer chin, and sleeker design.

For the rear, gone are the four USB-A ports, replaced by four USB-C ports.

Four Thunderbolt 3 ports remain, as does the SD card slot, audio jacks, Ethernet port, and Bluetooth.

Internally, expect Intel's latest processors, more RAM, more SSD drive capacity, and high-priced options.

The new keyboard is expected to feature a fingerprint reader, while the mouse will remain unchanged.

The webcam on the 27" model is expected to include Face ID, while this decision is yet to be made on the 24" version.

Apple is currently evaluating two different screen options -

  • a 27" edge to edge screen in a slightly smaller case, and

  • a 29" edge to edge screen in the same size case

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