Launch: XYZmercury enters orbit today

XYZmercury, the business consulting methodology that gets you paid before you get started, launched today on the Gold Coast, Australia. Business is hot on Mercury.

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of #XYZmercury


Launched today by a team of Australian business leaders, XYZmercury brings together the collective expertise of friends, family, colleagues, and media personalities, all under the one roof.

Xavier Zymantas With two IT degrees, five successful startups built and sold, and a number of industry awards on his mantle piece, Xavier was forced to take three years away from running his business empire - when he suffered strokes, a heart attack, mobility impairments, and a brain injury due to lack of oxygen. He recovered to almost normal after being accepted in to a stem cell research trial.

Xavier's friend Vanessa said, "it was so sad to see Xavier reduced to an incoherent mess in a hospital bed. Now after recovery, he's almost back to normal. He was never really normal to begin with". Vanessa has known Xavier for over 25 years.

Xander Zymantas

Xavier's younger brother Xander is another driving force behind XYZmercury. Addicted to his Apple laptop, Xander is never too far away from a strong wifi signal, and has destroyed several Mac keyboards with his overly-enthusiastic typing, coding, and emailing.

Responsible for the street appeal of the project, you'll see Xander's fingerprints on everything published by the brand, but you'll never get to meet him. He lives in the monarchy of Leichtenstein.

Entrepreneur 'G'

Just like Rob the Dentist, we can't reveal his full name or show you his face until he signs his contract.

Entrepreneur G is known for his talent, acumen, and silly bean-bag chair. Our Workplace Health and Safety guru wont let G bring his bean-bag chair to the office, which has something to do with why he is taking so long to sign his contract. It also might be because we're not paying his normal fee: we're giving him part ownership of the brand instead.

G will be providing lots of engaging blog content, concentrating on leadership, management, and business building tips and techniques.

Entrepreneur 'Q'

Unlike Rob the Dentist, Entrepreneur Q is female, and lights up the blogosphere on a regular basis. While she completely refused to use G's bean bag chair (simultaneously impressing our WH&S guru), Entrepreneur Q is returning from London after starring as M in a James Bond remake.

Q will be providing her spin on sales, marketing, and fancy cheese.

Entrepreneurs J M A O K

Special Guests will feature in blog posts, interviews, articles, videos, and will make on-the-spot decisions. Random quizzes will test their knowledge and get them laughing, only to break the ice, before sinking and re-floating the Titanic.

Entrepreneur 'S'

Entrepreneur S initially refused our advances and declined to participate at any price. We later included semi-unlimited jelly beans and non-alcoholic cider in his contract, which received a warm 'Maybe' when prompted to re-consider joining the team.

Entrepreneur 'T'

Entrepreneur T has yet to confirm or deny that he will be involved in the project.

We hope he says Yes. Just so we can call him T, and ask if he is herbal or regular tea.

XYZ Media Group

XYZmercury is produced by XYZ Media Group, an Australian company, built on reputation, technology, astute management - and Moccona.

We are perfectionists with a purpose. We drive Audi's. We love Microsoft and Apple equally, and we've been known to give Samsung a starring role from time to time. Adam's Lenovo laptop was immediately banished to the store room and replaced with a MacBook Pro.


Described by one audience member as "out of this world", the launch of XYZmercury was symbolic. Held on 8th August 2018, that's 8-8-18, the number 8 being a significant symbol of good luck for all of the people involved in the project, the team decided to set that date and run with it.

It's getting hot in here...

Business is hot on Mercury.


XYZmercury is the business consulting methodology that gets you paid before you begin.

We work with small, medium, large, and massive businesses. We attract their financial support, and then set about spending their money - with good reason.

No, we're not stealing and running away. We're doing a lot of work up front, and putting hours and weeks and years of time and effort into everything we do, we publish it for free, and monetise it later.

So how do YOU get involved?

XYZmercury brings the sponsors, the advertising, the cheque book (or the MasterCard), the audience, the people, the buyers and the sellers. We bring everyone together around a topic.

You get involved by presenting your ideas, speaking your truth, performing your act of kindness (or music, dance, vocal, public speaking, or sharing your expertise), and you get paid up front. If you're excellent, we'll keep you on the payroll and bring you back for another gig.


We launched #XYZmercury on 8th August 2018, and it got hot in here immediately.


The Palace, on the Isle of Istana, Clear Island Waters, Gold Coast, Australia.


So you can get paid before you get famous.

Want to know more?

#XYZmercury is the business consulting methodology that gets you paid before you get famous.

We get your business booming.

That's why business is hot on Mercury.

Some say, 'Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus', We say, Business is hot on Mercury.

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Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas XYZmercury

XYZ Media Group

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Business is hot on Mercury.

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