My studio needs a new Surface Studio Pro

Lamenting the failure of the Surface Studio, Microsoft reeeeeeeally needs to work its magic with the new Surface Studio. Perhaps make it a Surface Studio Pro. Dive in.

Surface Studio - the original and worst

Oh my goodness.

The original Surface Studio was amaaaaaazing - until you studied the spec sheet and found that the internals were three year old laptop parts - not so great.

Surface Studio 2

The next Surface Studio needs to be just as amazing as the first edition, but it desperately needs to be updated inside. We're talking new new new, inside. If its going to sell to its target market (professionals, corporates, and power users with buckets of money), it needs to be brand new and future proof: it needs to go Pro.

Surface Studio Pro

Microsoft must must must bite the bullet and go Pro. Give us a Surface Studio Pro.

We want:

  • Intel Core i7 and Core i9 processor options

  • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB RAM options

  • Intel Optane Inside

  • 512GB, 1TB, 2TB SSD options

  • Nvidia GeForce 1080 graphics (minimum)

  • Nividia GeForce 1180/2080 graphics (preferred)

  • No USB-A ports

  • 2x USB-C 3.1 ports

  • 4x Thunderbolt ports

  • UHSII-SD Card slot

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • MIMO Wifi AC

  • 1GB Ethernet port (minimum)

  • 10GB Ethernet port (preferred)

  • Miracast / WiDi / Microsoft Wireless Screenshare built in

  • Far field microphones for Cortana and Alexa


  • Revised 3:2 aspect ratio, 28inch screen

  • Mildly revised anti-gravity hinge

  • Rotatable screen axis

  • 10 point multitouch

  • Surface Pen compatibility

  • Surface Dial compatibility (more magnets please)

  • Surface Dial Mini - think Dell Totems

  • Xbox crossover features.

We're not Apple, give us a bigger butt

Look, we're not Apple. We're not chasing thinner-and-lighter. We want powerful, professional grade machines with beefy graphics and fast processors, churning out videos and simulations. If Microsoft can't fit all the new gadgets in the same footprint as the original Surface Studio base, we don't care that much. Give us a bigger base. We can live with a bigger butt if it farts harder.

The screen is amazing.

Give us the same screen, or an updated screen, with a rotatable mechanism at the top of the hinge. Swing it round.

Keep the Pen and Dial compatibility. Give us some smaller physical objects to stick to the screen magnetically, like a Surface Dial Mini or the Dell Totem concept.

The price would be great too.

Oh, and if you could squeeze all of that into something that cost a not-outrageous price, that would be awesome. I'd pay... $4000 to $5000 for a truly amazing Pro desktop computer with a Surface badge.

Launch it in Australia first.

Who am I kidding. It will launch in the US and Canada first, and Europe, the UK, and Australia and New Zealand next. (New Zealand is that other small country off the coast of Australia, where they filmed The Hobbit). I've never been to Old Zealand.

Make it Pro. Let it Go.

Make it pro, and let it go. We'll buy it.

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas


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