Microsoft's 2019 Surface Pro 6 coming soon

The new Surface Pro 6 is coming soon. The date and time of the launch is imminent news, and the feature set of the Surface Pro 6 is on the table.

Surface Pro (5) 2017

The 2017 launch of the Surface Pro 5 was a hit. The previous Surface Pro 4 was a breakthrough success, and the Pro 5 built on the success of its predecessors, adding mild new features, and rounding out an already good package to make it great.

While the Pro 5 delivered a processor bump and a spec bump, it didn't really introduce anything amazing in terms of "new new" must-haves. A lot of Surface Pro 4 users kept their 4s, unless they had spare change burning a hole in their corporate Amex.

Others who bought a Surface Pro 3 jumped on either the reduced price Surface Pro 4 run out sales, or bought the newer shinier Surface Pro 5.

Surface Pro (6) 2019

The Surface Pro 5 was great. The Surface Pro 6 for 2019 will be a huge step forward.

Offering a range of improvements and new features, we're looking forward to an exciting launch and a blockbuster sale. We are expecting to see:


  • mildly revised hinge

  • mildly revised muscle wire screen-body lock

  • update to Bluetooth 5.0

  • update to MIMI WiFi AC or AD

  • update to USB-C, no more USB-A

New Features:

  • 2x USB-C ports

  • 2x Thunderbolt ports

  • new Surface Connect port with more lanes

  • UHSIII- SD card slot

  • far field microphones for Cortana and Alexa

  • Xbox crossover support

  • some more masculine skins and sleeves.

Will you be buying the new Surface Pro 6?

Looking to launch in the second half of 2018 and remain current for all of 2019, the Surface Pro 6 must being its A-game, with up-to-date specs and features to entice repeat buyers and new buyers alike.

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