Microsoft to retire Xbox One S and launch Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft will soon be getting colourful with the Xbox family, adding a scarlet letter to the tribe, and producing a new member of the Xbox family.

Xbox Scarlett

The Xbox Scarlett, sometimes referred to as 'Starlet', is set to debut in 2019 with a focus on affordability and online games.

The Xbox Scarlett will be a cheaper, more wallet-friendly device with mid-to-high range graphics processing, storage, and compatibility with existing online games. There will also be a focus on future online games titles, the Xbox Live online service, online chat, online community, and tie-ins with Xbox apps on Android and iOS.

Scarlett will replace the Xbox One S, which will be retired in late 2018.


  • Xbox One S to be retired in late 2018

  • Xbox one S to replaced by Xbox Scarlett

  • Xbox One X to be available throughout 2018 and mid 2019

  • Xbox One X to be retired in mid to late 2019

  • Xbox One X to replaced by Xbox Scorpion

Customers will then have a choice between an affordable Xbox Scarlett and a very powerful new Xbox Scorpion.


Price wont be the only factor. Differentiation between Scarlett and Scorpion will also be the game titles available for each platform.

Scarlett will focus on basic, mid-range, arcade, and small group games, with downloadable game apps, online communities, chat, sharing, gamer boards, and mid-range graphics processing and streaming.

Scorpion will be the better choice for hardcore gamers, with major titles available on BluRay and via download, building on the love of the Xbox One X and the "Xbox Pro" community.

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