Why the Surface Phone rumours wont go away

Just go away. We have the heads-up on why those pesky Microsoft Surface phone rumours just wont go away: it's real.

Why those pesky Surface Phone rumours wont go away. #XYZtech

Surface phone rumours

Rumours of the Surface phone (small p), not the Surface Phone (capital P), just wont go away. It's annoying; but it's a fact that the Surface phone will be revealed in 2019.

When you put all of the pieces together, there's absolutely no doubt that the Surface phone is real and that the mythical device will make its debut in Asia in 2019.

The Surface phone is...

The Surface phone is real. It's been Microsoft's dream to compete with the iPhone for a decade. They bought Danger for the SideKick. They launched their own Kin phone. They bought Nokia. They spat out parts of Nokia. They kept the Lumia brand. Then in 2017 and 2018, Microsoft shimmied up alongside Qualcomm, the maker of the Snapdragon processors in every Android device you care to name. Plus, Qualcomm makes the modems inside the iPhone and many other top tier phones.

The Surface phone (small p) wont be a phone. It'll be a.. non-phone that can make phone calls. Yeah, that sounds like something Microsoft would do.

It's a...

It will be a personal computing device that does everything your laptop can do, everything your Android tablet can do, and it will do it better, and it'll fit in your pocket like a phone.

Just like a Surface tablet, the smart new Surface phone (small p), will have a touch screen, pen input, on-screen keyboard, an App store, and will run a version of Windows. It will have a USB-C port, a headphone jack, a magnetic silo for the pen, and a range of colourful skins.


To be launched in Asia in the first half of 2019, we'd put our money on Singapore and China, 50:50.

While the launch event will be in Asia, the device will become available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and various Asian countries immediately after launch, and then spread to Japan, South Korea, China, and Cupertino throughout 2019.

The first person to photograph their Surface phone in the Apple Visitor Center at Apple Park will win an Xbox One X.

The Name

Oh, and it wont be called the Surface Phone or the Surface phone. It'll be called the.... Surface X.

That's "Surface Cross".

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