Sorry, you're just a USB accessory.

Sorry, you're just a USB accessory. Whether you plug your iPhone in to a $5000 gaming PC, a $3000 laptop, or a $1200 desktop computer, it doesn't matter to Apple. The iDevice is the king, and everything else is just an accessory - even if that accessory costs double the price of the iPhone.


Sorry. Apple typically never says sorry for anything, and it's absolutely the same here. Apple hasn't said boo about the new on-screen dialogues popping up on iPhones and iPads since the most recent update to iOS.

After you update your iPhone and iPad, the first time you plug it in to your computer to back up or sync your device, iTunes wont recognise it until you wake the screen, and click OK on a message that says, "Allow new USB Accessory?"

In a world where Apple doesn't use the word "laptop" to describe its laptops, or the word "desktop" to describe its desktop computers, the usually fun and inspiring Apple is now tagging its non-iDevices as accessories, an usually bold step for a company that normally goes above-and-beyond to make its customers feel at home, all warm and fuzzy inside.

The iDevice is the king.

Your iPhone is the king and the iPad is the prince of a new kingdom where everything not made by Apple is just an accessory.

Plug in anything not made by Apple, and you're sure to soon be greeted by a dialogue asking you to accept or OK a new accessory.

On the flipside, when you treat yourself to a pair of Apple AirPods and slide them up next to your iPhone, you get a happy sound, a friendly greeting, and a little sprinkling of magic while your AirPods and iPhone automatically recognise each other and say hello.

Your iPhone automatically finds your Apple HomePod on the network and makes the loud music happen.

Your iPad recognises the Apple Pencil and makes the digital ink flow.

Your iPad and iPhone stream effortlessly to your Apple TV, while your friend's Android phone doesn't stand a chance casting anything to Apple's little black box.

If it runs Windows or Android, or something not made or approved by Apple, then.... good luck with that. It's not impossible, but it's about to get less friendly.

I wonder if my Palm Pre still syncs with my laptop...

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