Apple to release AirPlay2 next week

Apple will release the next version of iOS (11.4.1) and an update to iTunes next week, as the building blocks for the release of AirPlay2. AirPlay2 will allow multi-room streaming of music from iTunes on AirPlay2 compatible speakers such as the HomePod.

iOS 11.4.1

The update from version 11.4 to 11.4.1 is by name and feature set, a minor revision. It includes the standard bug fixes and security improvements, while also enabling AirPlay 2.

Update to iTunes

iTunes will also need to be updated, to become compatible with the AirPlay2 specification.


An update to the HomePod firmware will be released simultaneously, activating features previewed with the on-stage release of the HomePod some months ago.

We will finally see AirPlay2 in action, with multi-room streaming and stereo mode for two HomePods in stereo, one as a left speaker and one as a right speaker.


AirPlay2 will be available on a range of new speakers from a variety of manufacturers, as well as on Apple's own HomePod speaker.

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