New Qualcomm device from Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft has been showing off prototypes of a new Qualcomm Snapdragon-based computing platform featuring Windows on ARM. Months ago, this was a revelation. Now, it's approaching a retail reality. To separate it from the Surface device family, and draw a clear border between Intel and Qualcomm based products, Microsoft is bringing back the Lumia brand.

Microsoft Lumia

Long-time readers will recall that Nokia Lumia phones were all the rage, with added Microsoft goodness inside. Then came the Lumia tablet, a short-lived Nokia-branded device that wowed the public but didn't really have time to gain traction (and sell) before it was killed. Microsoft made a mistake, possibly influencing Nokia to kill the Lumia tablet to make way for the Microsoft Surface Mini.... but then Microsoft killed the Surface Mini. Illuminating.

Next, Microsoft purchased Nokia's phone division, then used it, then sold it, keeping some bits and pieces and probably a hoard of patents.

Lumia Tablet redux

Now, we're set to see the fruits of Microsoft's work with its other hardware partner, Qualcomm, when Microsoft and Qualcomm jointly debut the new Lumia tablet with Snapdragon inside.

Aimed squarely at content consumers rather than content creators, the Lumia devices will be targeting Apple's iPad audience. As such, we can expect:

  • An 8" screen size variant

  • An 11" screen size variant

  • Bluetooth 5

  • Wifi AC

  • USB C

  • Microphone

  • Speakers (2 or 4)

  • Front face camera

  • Rear world camera

  • Magnetic hard fabric cover

  • Kickstand

  • Snapdragon processor

  • Long battery life

  • eSim and Sim card slot

  • Microsoft Store access for apps and games

  • Sideways compatibility with selected Android apps

  • Windows Hello, Ink, and other features.


Expect marketing to revolve around personalisation, with covers, skins, and decals taking over the duties. The tablet itself will remain in one coloured shell, that can be individualised with covers and coloured accessories.

The marketing campaign will bounce between a "My Lumia" tagline and an "I am... Lumia" tagline, with a market focus on loud, creative, young, vibrant, energetic users and lifestyles. Think Rimmel lipstick advertising, more-so than white headphone cables.


Expect a launch around late August, with delivery in time for Christmas 2018.

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