Surface Connect port update

Microsoft will update the Surface Connect docking port in August 2018, when its next generation Surface devices are revealed at an event in the United States.

Surface Devices

The Surface device family has had a good run since 2015, gaining popularity and attracting users away from Apple and HP. The next generation of Surface devices is an even sharper attach on Apple's customer base, and will show other Windows OEMs what can be done with compelling new hardware.

Surface Connect port

The Surface Connect port is in for a refresh, enabling more lanes, more bandwidth, more connectors, and faster throughput.

Maintaining the same dimensions and maintaining backward compatibility, it will be usable with past, current, and future Surface devices, however on older devices, some ports may be slowed down due to bandwidth restrictions on older hardware.

Surface Connect plug

The plug at the end of the cable remains magnetic, and maintains its barrel shape, with the blade that inserts into the port. However, the blade will get a redesign, with more gold contacts, enabling more lanes and higher bandwidth, fully compatible with new ports on new hardware.

Older hardware will still work, but will maintain current generation speed.


Look for Microsoft to debut the new Surface Connect port, plug, and features, at its event in August 2018.

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