Microsoft OEMs to launch tablet onslaught

Microsoft has directed its OEMs to unleash tablets by the barn-load. New tablets from HP, Dell, Lenovo, and others, are ready to launch in May 2018.

Microsoft and Qualcomm

Microsoft's marketing department has given the all-clear for OEMs to release a tablet onslaught.

Bringing to fruition years of hard work from Microsoft and Qualcomm, a new range of Always Connected tablets is about to launch, featuring Windows and Qualcomm inside. Powered by Snapdragon 845 processors, as seen in the latest and greatest Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, the new selection of tablets seeks to power up and power-on, with great battery life and a fluid on-screen experience.

Driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, Windows 10 for ARM, and marketed with subsidies from Microsoft's marketing department, OEMs will release a range of new tablets in May 2018.

HP, Dell, and Lenovo will be the first OEMs out of the starting gate, with 10" and 12" tablets in a 3:2 aspect ratio, replete with Windows 10 in S Mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, LTE, long battery life, and an assortment of accessories including keyboards, keyboard cases, covers, pens, and folding stands.

These devices will be aimed at consumers and small businesses.

Microsoft and Intel

Seeking to maintain its best-friend status with Intel, Microsoft itself will be releasing refreshed Surface devices with Intel chips, consuming the power-user market and business-professional space.

With premium prices and premium materials, the Surface range can sell at a higher price, with more expensive Intel internals, compared to the lower-priced Qualcomm chips. These tablets will arrive with full Windows 10 Pro, and have a focus on productivity, creativity, and expert users.

Outselling the iPad?

There are no goals to out-sell the iPad. The iPad is a recreational and media consumption device, whereas Microsoft is marketing the Surface line as highly creative and productive.

With o focus on out-selling the iPad, the best Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Intel can hope for, is a run-away success, approaching but not out-stripping the launch of the Surface Pro 4.

May 2018

Look for new tablets from HP, Dell, and Lenovo in early May 2018, and new Surface devices in late May 2018.

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