Apple to re-introduce magnetic charging port for MacBook Pros

Back in 2012, Apple shocked its fans by removing the beloved magnetic MagSafe power connector from the 12 inch MacBook. Instead, the MacBook debuted with one single USB-C Thunderbolt port, capable of charging and connecting peripherals. Now, Apple is bringing back MagSafe with version 3.

MagSafe 1

The original MagSafe connector was an Apple innovation like none-other. Introduced with the aluminium MacBook way back in the 2000s, its ability to break-away with a gentle tug when someone tripped over your power cord was both innovative and revolutionary. Why had no-one solved this problem before?

What prompted Apple to introduce it?

Did someone trip over a prototype MacBook at Apple HQ and send it flying across the room into Jony Ive's loving arms? Did it hit Steve Jobs where it hurt, as it hurled itself across a board room table? We don't know, but we suspect many a plastic MacBook and many a prototype aluminium MacBook met its demise before someone in Apple's labs figured out an elegant solution.

We loved the way the original plug did a left-turn and kept the cord to the back of the laptop.

MagSafe 2

MagSafe 2 was instantly loved by Apple fans the world over. Bringing a slightly smaller port and plug, with a stronger magnetic attachment, but with a downside. Apple made a change: instead of the plug making the cord sit behind and away from the laptop, MagSafe 2's straight plug meant that your power cord now exited stage left, and ran your cord along the desk from the left of your laptop. Less elegant, more bendy, and more frayed cords.

Then came the start of Dongle Gate, with the MagSafe 1 to MagSafe 2 converter adapter. Eeek.

MagSafe 3

As we enter mid-2018, MagSafe hasn't had an update in over 5 years, because it hasn't been used in a new product in over 5 years. As Apple dropped MagSafe and chose to power their MacBooks via the USB-C-shaped Thunderbolt port, MagSafe disappeared. Many have lamented its loss, and invested in AppleCare in case their laptop suddenly makes a flying leap to the floor.

Enter MagSafe 3

MagSafe 3 brings back everything we love about MagSafe, with a power brick, and a power cord that is finally a detachable cable. The power brick will be wall-plug on one side and USB-C on the other. The cord will be USB-C on one end and MagSafe 3 on the other end.

MagSafe 3's connector, just like the original, will be magnetic, and direct the power cord away behind the laptop when plugged in. It will connect on the top left of the keyboard deck, between the USB-C port and the bottom of the display, where it used to plug in. However this time, there is no "hole" in side of the MacBook, no "port", you just bring the magnetic end of the cable close to the case, and it snap-locks on.

Sure to be blessed on stage as "more magic from Apple", the magnetic connector returns, uniting Apple fans with magnets, and once again competing with Microsoft's magnetic Surface Connect power plug,

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