Thinner, better, faster: Home PCs

Home PCs are about to get thinner, better, faster, easier to set up, and easier to use. The days of a giant box on your floor and cables aplenty are over. Home PCs become sleek, silent, thinner, better, faster, all-in-ones.

Old PCs

Oh the memories. Your old PC was a giant white or black box that lived on the floor under your desk, humming away, producing hot air and inhaling dust. There were a jumble of cords and cables snaking their way towards the power point, and the other way up your desk to your monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Maybe you had a joystick for playing video games. Maybe you had a ZIP drive for extra storage. Every new item introduced a new cable and its own colour coded plug.

Your monitor used a big blue plug. Your keyboard and mouse used a pink or green plug. Your power cord was black, and your keyboard and mouse cords were white. Joystick cords were black, and were a confusing mess, with some plugging in via serial port and others using their own adapters. Speakers used a single green plug, or if you had a dedicated sound card, many plugs in many different colours.

Getting it out of the box, lining up all the cables and cords, figuring out where to plug it all in, then having to hide it all under the desk. It's like building IKEA furniture. You need an astrophysics degree to do it yourself.

In addition, you had a drawer full of floppy disks or CDs, and if you had a newer PC, you'd have DVDs, ZIP drives, SCSI accessories, and if you were very lucky, an Ethernet cable connected to another computer, in the same room.

All the mess got hidden behind your desk, collecting dust, paper clips, and whatever else fell off the back of your table. What a mess.

No one had a laptop. The iPhone was not yet invented, and you still couldn't plug your Nokia phone in to your Windows PC without one or both of them freezing up.

New PCs

New PCs are wonderful things. I'm talking about brand new PCs, bought in 2019.

A sharp, crisp, and bright 24", 27", or 32" display, an artfully-designed stand, and clever cable management for your power cord and two to four other cables. Your keyboard and mouse are wireless, the speakers, microphone, and webcam are built in to the display, Your printer connects over your wifi network.

Simply take the display out of the box, plug in the power cord, turn on your keyboard and mouse, press the power button on your display, wait for the Windows logo, and you're ready to go. No degree in astrophysics required.

Thinner, better, faster

There's no giant box on the floor. Everything is built in to your display.

Your keyboard and mouse connect wirelessly, as does your printer and phone.

Everything is solid-state. There are no spinning hard drives producing heat or noise.

You can type in peace and quiet, or have Bon Jovi blasting from Spotify.

If you do need to plug something in, you've got one choice and one choice only - a USB-C port that gives you access to either USB or Thunderbolt. Plug in to sync your iPhone or Android phone, or complete a software update. Occasionally plug in your keyboard or mouse to recharge their internal battery. Maybe your display stand has a Qi wireless charger - place your phone or keyboard or mouse on it to recharge.

Turn your display to one side. It's no longer two feet deep. It's a thin, elegant panel, covered in glass on the front, and plastic or metal on the back.

Your new PC comes with all the storage, RAM, and connectivity you need. Sign in to Windows with your Microsoft ID and password, and you're ready to go.

Look for your new PC

Look for your new all-in-one thin, fast, and gorgeous new home PC in early 2019 from brands including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, LG, Samsung, Surface, and more.

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