Microsoft Store selling out Surface Pros

Just days after major Australian retailers offered discounts of up to $300 off the Surface Pro, Microsoft's own online store is now selling out of Surface Pro's at a 15% discount.


Earlier this week, major Australian retailers began offering discounts of 10% to 15% off various Surface products, a sales tactic only employed when running out stale inventory, or selling off the last units of current inventory, when a new model is about to arrive.

Australian electronics retailer JB HiFi offered big discounts on the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, the sudden sale hinting that a refreshed or upgraded model was about to launch.

Microsoft Store

Now, Microsoft's own online store is offering discounts of 15% on some products, and various discounts on others.

Advertisements like the one above are appearing online and in print, showing Microsoft is discounting the Surface Pro (5) and the Surface Laptop. Microsoft generally only offers these discounts in the lead-up to a new product being launched.

Surface Pro 6

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Surface Studio 2

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