Surface Pro 6 due in 2018, without the 6

The sixth-generation Surface Pro is due in 2018. Following in the footsteps of the Surface Pro 5, which debuted without the 5, we expect the Pro 6 to launch without the 6. Microsoft likes dropping numbers off things, like Windows 9.

Surface Pro 6

The refreshed and renewed sixth-generation Surface Pro is due in 2018.

Building upon the success of the Surface Pro (5) from 2017, the Surface Pro (6) without the 6, is expected to be announced in August 2018 with availability to purchase starting in October 2018.

The renewed model is expected to include:

  • Intel 8th-generation Core i processors

  • New generation RAM

  • New generation Wifi

  • New generation Bluetooth

  • New generation USB 3.2 in Type-C

  • New generation Thunderbolt 4

  • New generation dedicated graphics in the keyboard portion

  • A revised magnetic Surface Connect power/dock port

  • A mildly revised keyboard layout on the 13" model

  • A revised keyboard layout and a new number pad on the 15" model

  • A much larger touchpad area

Sadly, with all these improvements, something had to go, so we will see:

  • no USB-A ports

  • no mini-DisplayPort

  • no more dongles for USB-A to other ports (e.g. Ethernet).

New Surface Dock

There will be a revised Surface Dock, for the first time since its original launch many years ago.

The new dock will feature:

  • Power In

  • 1GBPS Ethernet

  • UHSII-SD card slot

  • Two Thunderbolt 4 ports

  • Two USB-C 3.2 ports

  • No USB-A ports

  • A revised Surface Connect cable connector

The revised Surface Connect cable and connector will allow for additional transmission lanes to support Thunderbolt 4, USB-C, and 1GBPS Ethernet throughput, simultaneously.

Windows 9

Why did Microsoft jump from Windows 8.1 straight to Windows 10?

Some speculate that Windows 9 was skipped as 9 was used as a placeholder digit representing Windows 95 in developer codebases, and others suggest that leaders at Microsoft wanted a new start for a new era of Windows as a Service for Windows 10.

We may never know the answer.

Maybe 9 is cursed. Apple has not yet released an iPhone 9.

Release date

Look for the new Surface Pro (6) and Surface Dock in October 2018.

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