Windows laptop makers to refresh components in April 2018

Makers of Windows laptops will refresh their internal components in March, and deliver products in April 2018. Several major electronics retailers are now discounting their remaining stock of current generation PCs in anticipation of the launch of new PCs in April.

Major retailers selling out

Many major retailers are having sales and offering deep discounts now, up to $300 off, with with discounts and special promotions in-store and online.

The sales reflect that remaining stock is on the way out, and new stock is imminent.

Looking carefully at the deals, the biggest discounts are available on superceded stock: the remnants of 6th generation Intel processor-powered systems, and older AMD-powered systems. Current 2017/2018 stock of 7th generation Intel systems and the equivalent AMD systems are also on sale at lesser discounts.

Interestingly, Apple, who rarely if ever offer discounts in their sales channel, are permitting some retailers to offer 10% off the ticket prices, or in some cases are bundling iTunes cards or Apple store cards instead of discounts, making the systems appear to be better value.

All of this of course foreshadows the release of new systems from Acer, ASUS, Apple, Dell, HP, LG, Lenovo, and more.

New components at better prices

While it can be very tempting to get a current specification PC at a deep discount, keep in mind that new PCs are just around the corner.

Do you really still want that 3-to-12-month-old PC (at a discount) if you could get a great new PC next month?

The new PCs and laptops coming from Acer, ASUS, Apple, Dell, HP, LG and Lenovo, we expect to have current 8th generation Intel and equivalent AMD processors, a minimum of 8GB or RAM, solid state drives, USB-C ports, faster wifi, new generation Bluetooth, better webcams, better battery life, slimmer designs, better quality screens, and overall a more fluid experience.

What to buy

If you're not into (or don't need) the cutting edge system, or you don't intend to use features like AR/VR/MR, virtual reality headsets, high powered games, or massive spreadsheets, then one of the current systems at a discount is a very attractive proposal, especially if your PC at home is a few years old. Go for it.

If you do want the latest and greatest, or need it for work or gaming, then I'd recommend waiting another month and buying a newly-released system in April or May.

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