Dell to deliver Thunderbolt monitors

Dell is set to deliver its first trio of Thunderbolt monitors in 2018, including versions with and without hubs, plus one with a very high-end 8k panel requiring a dual-Thunderbolt connection.

Dell monitor trio

Dell has a long history of being a leading supplier of monitors to home and business customers, and continuing its innovation with Infinity bezels, accurate colour reproduction, and fast response times.

Now, Dell is set to continue this tradition with three new Thunderbolt monitors, the first Thunderbolt monitors Dell has released.

Spanning the gamut from consumer class to enterprise class, all three monitors feature a similar design, but some have more features.


Our first new monitor will be a consumer-class monitor with one Thunderbolt-in, and one Thunderbolt pass-through. It will feature two USB-A 3.1 ports and two USB-C 3.1 ports, and an audio out.


The second monitor will be a prosumer/light-professional monitor, as above, with a 2k resolution.


The third monitor will be a professional-grade monitor for digital artists, video editors, and other professionals, with the same mix of ports, and available in 4k resolution, requiring two Thunderbolt connections to the host PC, to enable screen refresh and hub data transport without interruption.

Dell will also show off an 8k resolution version of the third monitor, but without the hub ports, and it will require the full dedicated bandwidth of the two Thunderbolt ports. This version may have its own internal graphics card, but Dell is remaining quiet on the exact feature set.


Thunderbolt is the future of wired connections, dumping USB-A, and phasing out USB-C, in favour of an Apple-esque Thunderbolt-only PC port experience.

Expect Thunderbolt 3 and future Thunderbolt 4 to drive all wired connections in the near future, from external hard drives, NAS devices, external GPUs, and other short-distance high-bandwidth applications.

Expect internal GPU cards to drop DisplayPort and HDMI, and shift to Thunderbolt cables, this year.

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