Apple's new Thunderbolt display is....

Apple's new Thunderbolt display is... delayed. Again. For the foreseeable future; which means, no one knows when it will be released, except 8 people inside Apple, and probably 2 people inside LG.

LG, where life is good.

For a long time, LG's marketing in Australia used the tagline: "LG: Life's Good". Well, since their recent co-operation with Apple in 2016 and 2017 bore fruit in terms of the LG UltraFine Thunderbolt display, available only through Apple online and Apple Stores (oops, Apple town squares; Apple meeting places; Apple in [Your City]; sorry Angela), we've yet to see Apple release their own monitor.

Apple announced in 2017 that it was ending production of its own standalone monitors, and instead gave LG the job of filling the gap for devoted consumers who wish to purchase an Apple-fettled monitor.

Then late in 2017 and again in early 2018, Apple quietly advised a number of observers that it would indeed be releasing its own Apple-branded pro-level (aka super-expensive) Thunderbolt display, to ship alongside the long-awaited new modular Mac Pro desktop.

LG have since released a much more attractive Thunderbolt monitor of their own.

Apples fall far from the tree

It seems that Apple has announced a product and then kept customers waiting, again, as they did for the MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, HomePod Pro, oops, HomePod, and are now at it again with the new Apple Display.

While many consumers may expect Apple to go with the standard 21.5" and 27" screen sizes, we anticipate that Apple will release a 27" display only, or both a 27" and 34" Pro display.

We'd also like to see Apple include a hub on the rear of the display, giving us additional Thunderbolt ports, an SD card reader, Ethernet, and perhaps even a Qi wireless charger in the base for your iPhone X.

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