Surface Connect to co-exist with USB-C but not Thunderbolt

Microsoft plans to let Surface Connect ports co-exist with USB-C, but not with Thunderbolt. To the dismay of Thunderbolt enthusiasts, support for the fast ports wont be coming to Surface devices any time soon. Thunderbolt wont be making an appearance on updated Surface Docks either.

Dismay and Disappointment

Much to the dismay of Thunderbolt fans (and many Surface fans), USB-C will co-exist alongside the Surface Connect port on future large surface devices, such as the Surface Book, Surface Pro, and Surface Laptop. Thunderbolt support wont be available on these devices, and not on Surface Docks.

As to whether Microsoft plans to future-proof the very custom and very expensive Surface Studio by integrating a Thunderbolt port on the next revision of the massive touchscreen-toting PC, we don't yet know. The Surface Studio is the only Surface device without a Surface Connect port.

Windows and the Modern PC

Read our commentary on the future of Windows and the Modern PC here.

There's yet another way that Windows fans miss out on Thunderbolt.

It's time Microsoft democratised the Surface line. If they continue to promote Surface as the best of the best, then it needs access to Thunderbolt, not just USB-C.

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