Microsoft to skip Qi charging

Microsoft is expected to exclude Qi charging from its first-generation Snapdragon devices in favour of Qualcomm QuickCharge. While Apple and others are now adopting Qi wireless charging, Microsoft prefers wired charging.

Qualcomm QuickCharge

Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors include Qualcomm QuickCharge capability, enabling USB-C chargers to quickly recharge batteries in equipped devices. While Apple and others are now rapidly adopting Qi wireless charging citing popularity amongst consumers, Microsoft much prefers wired power delivery.

This makes sense, as Microsoft and Qualcomm have partnered on Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 845 devices, and it is therefore logical to a adopt a Qualcomm technology over the Qi standard.

While the Qi standard requires a charging coil and other equipment to be integrated into a hardware design, Qualcomm QuickCharge can be easily integrated at a chip level and only requires a wired connection such as a USB-C port.

Some consumers may be disappointed at a lack of wireless charging in an expensive and high-tech new device, most portable Snapdragon devices in the tablet category are designed to be docked or plugged in to cables when used at a desk as a desktop replacement anyway.

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