Windows Core is out the door

Yes, Windows Core is out the door. (Hey, that rhymes). Out in the wild, Windows Core is about to shake up Windows, without breaking any glass. Windows, doors, cores, glass, could we put any more puns in one article? Let's find out.

What is Windows Core?

In an effort to unify multiple Windows platforms and features, Microsoft has spent the last few years re-writing the bedrock of Windows, mostly behind-the-scenes, and now the fruits of their labours are showing in the form of revised front-end elements. UWP, CShell, Fluentcy, Glass, and other elements are making an impact on the user experience.

Unifying the core of Windows has been a long term project and is finally approaching release. All the elements are coming together, designed to meet at a certain date in time, and ship with a future update of Windows.

Windows Core is the banner under which this project is running. It seeks to modernise and simplify the heart of Windows, making it much simpler for developers and partners to build software on top of Windows. It will also make life easier for hardware partners, who are able to abstract and simplify hardware uniformity.

Modern PCs

Modern PCs are much simpler than they used to be. Drivers, firmware, parts, interconnectors, buses, ports, wires, the list goes on. These days, everything can be integrated on one motherboard, with less ports, less complexity, and more power.

Gone are the days of SCSI, IDE, SATA1, eSATA, USB-A, USB-B, PRT, PCMCIA, optical disc drives, plattered hard drives, noisy fans, and dongles.

Yay for the death of dongles.

Today, the modern PC will ship with a number of USB-C ports, Thunderbolt, and perhaps a power connector, and that's it.

As laptops and tablets get thinner and lighter, that extra space that is no longer required for the motherboard and ports can be re-deployed as space for batteries, speakers, and antennae.

Soon, everything will be USB-C. No more dongles. Your printer, USB drive, mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, external graphics card, docking station, webcam, speakers, smartphone, etc, will all have a USB-C port, and plug in effortlessly. Higher-priced gadgets will have USB-C-Thunderbolt where necessary.

Other gadgets will connect to your wifi network and become a network resource without a cable. Printers, scanners, long term storage, and so on.

Bluetooth will connect the little things that don't need a superhighway, like cordless keyboards, mice, IOT, and some low priced speakers.

Anything that neeeeeds to be plugged in, will plug in via USb-C and/or Thunderbolt.

HDMI and DisplayPort will give way to USB-C and Thunderbolt.

Your 24" or 27" or 34" or 65" desktop monitor will become the "powered hub" from which everything else will connect and receive power. Plug in your keyboard, mouse, printer, hard drive, GPU, etc, to your monitor for power and data, then plug your laptop or tablet in to your monitor to run the show.

Everything will just work.

Everything will just work. There will be so much commonality in the hardware baseline of laptops and tablets that hardware abstraction will become nominally universal.

I still can't find a ballpoint pen that works when I'm on the phone; they keep disappearing.

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