Wild: Xbox integrations coming to Windows 10

It's wild. Controlling your Windows 10 PC with an Xbox controller, or your voice, or your game character. Xbox integrations are coming to Windows 10, while the Xbox platform is moving closer to alignment with general WIndows 10 S feature sets.

Xbox love

Already possible on higher-end versions of the Surface Book, features will be coming to a range of other Windows PCs, crossing over from Xbox.

Controlling Windows interface elements is normal with a keyboard and mouse, however you'll be able to point and click with an Xbox controller, type with an Xbox-controller-attached-mini-keyboard, and use the controller-pad buttons to activate mouse clicks in Windows. This will be especially useful for turning Game Mode on and off, and blocking interruptions from other programmes while you're gaming.

Voice commands with Cortana will cross back and forth between Windows 10 and Xbox, turning settings on and off, and triggering various tasks and schemes.

While Amazon Alexa is now coming to the Windows Store, Cortana will remain your Xbox voice coach.

Windows works both ways

Furthermore, Xbox base operating system is moving closer to the Windows Core code base, making further integrations, data sharing, platform sharing, hardware sharing, and cross-utilisation easier across the previously-separate ecosystems.

Expect Xbox to get closer (behind the scenes) to Windows 10 S than standard WIndows 10 or 10 Pro.

Eventually, the Xbox skin will become a layer on CShell above a unified WIndows Core code base.

Now we just need to wait to smash the Surface Dial when we get a kill on Xbox.

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