Go ahead, make my day: USB-C

Go ahead, make my day. Make everything USB-C. Replace all the different ports on all the different tech products with one universal port: USB-C. Put USB-C 3.2 ports and Thunderbolt ports (all USB-C) on my laptop and desktop PC, and USB-C ports on my printer, scanner, phone, tablet, monitor, external hard drive, rechargeable keyboard and mouse. Make everything else Thunderbolt. Simple.

Go ahead, make my day: USB-C

On my laptop, put the USB-C 3.2 ports on the left, and the USB-C Thunderbolt ports on the right, so I know which is which. Put a little lightning bolt next to the Thunderbolt ports to remind me.

Let all of my other gadgets plug in with USB-C, and the high speed things plug in with Thunderbolt.

Use Thunderbolt for the mass-storage NAS drive, a large external hard drive, external graphics card enclosure, video camera, RED camera, monitors, and other high-bandwidth peripherals.

Everything else that doesn't need a superhighway Thunderbolt connection can plug in with regular USB-C 3.2. My printer, scanner, phone, tablet, rechargeable keyboard and mouse, USB thumb drive, rechargeable stylus, portable power bank, and so on.

End the dongle life. I don't want an Apple-esque dongle or adapter for each thing. Every new device that gets released in 2018 onwards should be automatically and autocratically supplied with a universal USB-C port.

I only need to have a USB-C to USB-C cable for all those USB-C 3.2 devices, and a Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable for my Thunderbolt devices.

Better still, replace my laptop power cord with a USB-C cable from the power brick to the laptop.

Replace the USB-A ports in my car with USB-C ports so I can easily plug in and charge my phone.

Apple will never abandon the licencing fees it collects from the Lightning ports and cables on Apple accessories, but I'm happy to use a USB-C to Lightning cable to plug in my iPhone and iPad to my laptop when I need to sync with iTunes or download an iOS update.

Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple are happy to move everything to USB-C. Now we just need all the other device manufacturers to get on board and put USB-C and Thunderbolt on everything.

Most printers manufactured over the last 4 years are Wifi enabled, so I don't need to plug in my printer to my computer, and I can print over Wifi from phone or tablet without a cable. I still prefer to plug in my scanner with a cable for high-definition image scanning.

Apple led the way years ago, when the 2015 MacBook Pro debuted with USB-C Thunderbolt ports as the only connector for power and data. This led to complaints of having to buy dongles and adapters to plug things in, because nothing else at the time used USB-C. Now that it's 2018, just USB-C everything - one cord for everything - simple, simple, simple.

So go ahead, world. Make my day. USB-C it.

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas


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