Expect big small things from Microsoft OEMs

It's time to expect lots of big things. Big things, in small packages, from Microsoft's OEMs. The original equipment manufacturers who build Windows-powered devices are about to launch a broad range of new handheld devices that will change computing.

These OEMS, companies like HP, Acer, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and others, need to offset declining PC and laptop sales by selling more tablets and gadgets.

Great Expectations: Expect lots of big small things from Microsoft OEMs

It's time.

It's time. We've got touchscreens, calendars, alarms, phones, music players, emailers, games, movies, cameras, video cameras, stopwatches, GPS, and all manner of things built in to our mobile phones. Mobile phones go with you, everywhere you go.

Laptops tend to stay at home or work, travel between home, work, or hotels. Game consoles stay connected to your TV. Gaming PCs stay connected to your monitor.

Smartwatches stay on your wrist... for the first three weeks, then stay in your drawer.

Q + M + A = QAM

I'll be using the acronym 'QAM' instead of the more confusing 'MAQ' which sounds like Apple Mac.

QAM = Qualcomm plus Microsoft plus Android.

We can expect:

  • New phones

  • New PDAs

  • New smart gadgets like sensors, tokens, tiles, and beacons

  • New set top boxes (Android TV and streaming boxes)

  • New bedside alarm clocks with built in phone docks, USB chargers, and wireless chargers

  • New tablets powered by Android OS

  • New smart screens that live on your desk, with Cortana inside

  • New docking stations that enable your Android phone to connect to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and become a lightweight computer.

Note that QAM excludes laptops, PCs, and gaming consoles.

Q + M + S = QMS

QMS is Qualcomm plus Microsoft plus Windows 10 S (Windows on ARM).

We can expect:

  • New budget laptops

  • New mid-range laptops

  • New budget desktop computers

  • New mid-range computers

  • New pro-level tablets

  • New pro-level phones that dock to become pro-level computers or laptops


Microsoft and QUalcomm together will be promoting the "Always Connected" catch phrase in line with these devices. Expect "Always Connected" to be as loud as "Intel Inside".

In addition, we'll see OEMs doing interesting things in the branding space such as:

  • HP re-launching the Palm brand for phones and PDAs

  • Microsoft re-launching the Lumia brand for phone and tablets

  • Dell launching a sub-brand or co-brand for PDAs and tablets

  • TCL bringing back the BlackBerry brand for phones and PDAs with keyboards

Common traits

Underpinning all of these devices are the following technologies:

  • Qualcomm: Snapdragon chips

  • Qualcomm: tightly integrated LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS

  • Microsoft: investments and partnerships in Android and ARM

  • Low power consumption

  • Long battery life

  • USB-C interconnectivity for data and docking

  • USB-C charging

  • QAM devices with Android OS

  • QMS devices with Windows 10 S

  • High speed wireless connections, such as Bluetooth 5, Wifi AC, for communications

  • High speed wired connections, such as USB 3.1, USB 3.2, for docking and backups

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