Apple is investing $390 million in TrueDepth Camera supplier Finisar

Apple announced this week that it will invest $390 million in Finisar, a component supplier for parts contained in its TrueDepth camera system. TrueDepth cameras enable Face ID, and are part of the iPhone X. Next year, TrueDepth cameras will be available with the iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, iPad Pro, and the regular iPad.

In a statement, the company said that the investment will be used to build a manufacturing facility in Texas, to supply Apple with components for the TrueDepth camera system. Finisar also supplies components for Apple AirPods wireless headphones.

Apple has been investing in its supply chain partners in an effort to increase production of components, to speed up delivery and overall manufacture of its devices, including the iPhone X, iPad, and Mac.

Next year, the TrueDepth Camera system along with Face ID is expected to feature in new versions of the iPad Pro, iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, and iMac.

Another supplier, LG, has received funds from Apple to accelerate its production of OLED screens for use in the iPhone and iPad. This investment in particular with LG is an attempt to reduce Apple's reliance on Samsung. Samsung is currently the world's largest producer of OLED screens and has the highest success rate in producing faultless displays. Other suppliers have produced low success rates in meeting Apple's high demands for quality and accuracy.

The investment in Finisar comes from Apple's $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund.

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