Microsoft keeping hands at ARMs length

Microsoft likes to keep its new products a secret until they are released, and usually does a good job of it. However, Microsoft has been promoting its partnership with Qualcomm for over a year. Now we have a hand at ARMs length.

The only product Microsoft isn't shy about, is Windows Phone. The company had a habit of announcing awesome hardware for phones, then making us wait, then watering it down, releasing it, letting it flop, then quietly withdrawing it. Just like the Zune music player, Windows Phone is dead.

However, Microsoft has made much fanfare about its partnership with chip maker Qualcomm, and Windows on ARM processors. Debuting its prototype over a year ago at WinHEC, the first samples were promising.

Fast forward twelve months, and Microsoft has its finger firmly in the pie.

Keeping their hands at ARMs length, Microsoft will step aside and let its OEM partners show off the first devices from the collaboration with Qualcomm.

HP, Asus, and Lenovo are expected to release the first devices with Qualcomm chips and Windows on ARM software, expected to feature Windows 10 S as the operating system.

Look out for a tablet device from HP, a laptop from Asus, and a combo device from Lenovo.

Further down the track, expect a refreshed HP Elite X3 (possibly called the X4) as a phone-dock-screen handheld device from HP.

A few months further down the line, expect a range of tablets varying in size from 8" to 11" from HP, Lenovo, and Motorola. These devices will feature WIndows 10 S, Windows Hello, pen and ink support, and Cortana voice features. If you've been waiting for a Surface Mini or a Microsoft Courier, these 8" to 11" tablets are the closest you'll get until 2019.

Stepping back in to 2018, there are unconfirmed reports that Microsoft may release a non-Pro version of the Surface with a Qualcomm chip, as a halo device for the 'Always Connected Cellular PC' line.

Next: Read more about Microsoft's mobile strategy.

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