Microsoft to embrace Android Phones

From late 2017, Microsoft will embrace the Android operating system on phones, and expand its service availability on all Android phones and tablets.

Microsoft on Android Phones

Having already given up on creating a 'Windows Phone' operating system of their own, Microsoft will embrace Android on mobile phones. Microsoft is set to bring a range of applications and core services to the Android OS and use its existing Android patents to foster growth in the Android ecosystem. Microsoft owns patents on some of the core technology inside Android.

Furthermore, Microsoft will continue working with Google to make Microsoft services more easily accessible on Android. In addition, Microsoft will continue to work with its two most valuable OEM partners in the phone space to introduce Microsoft's fan base to Microsoft services on Android phones. Those partners are HP and Samsung.

Senior executives inside Microsoft are already using Android phone handsets, including a confirmed report of Bill Gates using a Samsung handset.

Others rumoured to have switched to Android include Panos Panay, Alex Kipman, and Terry Myerson.

Microsoft sells the Samsung S8 Microsoft Edition phone directly on the Microsoft online store, alongside the HP Elite x3.

Microsoft on Android Tablets

Microsoft has its own line of high-performing tablets in the Surface Pro line. However, Microsoft is keen to partner with other tablet manufacturers to broaden the device ecosystem. Its commitment to Android has made this easier. Samsung offers the excellent Galaxy TabPro S tablet with Windows 10, and a keyboard case.

Already available on Android phones and tablets, Microsoft Office and other Microsoft services such as OneDrive, Xbox Connect, and various other apps and services are making the march to Android, encouraging Microsoft fans to have a Windows PC and an Android tablet.

Microsoft on SnapDragon

Many of the more successful Android devices run on the Qualcomm SnapDragon 835 chip. Microsoft has been working with Qualcomm to develop smart tablets, phones, and mini PCs that use the SnapDragon chips to achieve all-week battery life and snappy performance.

Alongside this, Microsoft has been developing editions of Windows that run on SnapDragon's ARM architecture. The WIndows on ARM project has already shown off prototypes of laptop devices successfully running WIndows on ARM using SnapDragon processors.

This could foster a consumer-level Android-SnapDragon device, and pro-level Windows-ARM-SnapDragon device in a tablet, laptop, or phone form factor.

The Surface Courier could be the first Microsoft-Qualcomm SnapDragon device with Windows.

Microsoft's Strategy

We outlined Microsoft's strategy for portable devices in a previous post.

Once Microsoft introduces the Surface UltraMobile, all we need is the perfect Surface Companion to tie it all together.

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