The 2018 iPad Pro with TrueDepth Camera

Next year's iPad Pro will feature the TrueDepth Camera, bringing Face ID to the iPad for the first time. In addition, the 2018 iPad Pro will feature the slim bezel design of the iPhone X, and a new A11X Bionic chip.

Hold On, I'm coming...

The 2018 iPad Pro will feature the slim bezels of the iPhone X design, and include a TrueDepth Camera system, bringing Face ID to the iPad Pro for the first time, as discussed in our earlier report.

New information suggests that the 2018 iPad Pro will also have a new heart - the new Apple A11X Bionic chip, with a newer integrated M11 motion co-processor and neural engine. The part will be manufactured on a 7-nanometer process by Apple's supply-chain partner TSMC in Taiwan, according to a report from MyDrivers.

The new A11X Bionic will be an 8-core design, anticipated to provide additional speed and processing power to an already remarkably-fast device.

Whether the TrueDepth Camera system will be mounted on the short-edge or the long-edge of the iPad has not yet been confirmed, although we anticipate it will be on the short-edge, on the top when held like an iPhone.

We also believe that there will be no "notch" on the iPad Pro, instead having the camera system blend into the bezel. A slightly wider bezel will be necessary on the iPad Pro compared to the iPhone X, because the iPad Pro will continue to use an LED LCD screen instead of the OLED screen on the iPhone X.

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