My pot plant sends emails

It's true. My pot plant sends emails. I'm not sure how it happened. It happened while I was away, and when I returned, it was automated. It might have involved a trek to Ikea.

There are those times when you wish everything would just go away. I needed a vacation. I booked a flight to Hamilton Island, and spent a few days in a hot tub by the beach. It was bliss.

However, when I returned home, all was not well. Things had moved. Things had changed. New furniture was in my lounge room. Someone had moved my bookshelf, and there was a new side table, with a plant on it.

Something.... changed.

One afternoon after returning home from the office, I heard a beep. A new beep. A beep I hadn't heard before. It was fast. It disappeared. Then it beeped again.

Where... was... that... beep... coming from?

My pot plant sends emails.

I later discovered that the mysterious beep was coming from that new plant on the side table by the lounge. Hidden under the pot, was a Google Home Mini. It had been set up to listen for the word "plant", and every time it heard the word "plant", it would do a Google Image search for "plant" and then email a random picture from the search results. Smart, but very annoying. I don't need extra cactii.

I'm just glad it was a Google Home Mini, not an Amazon Echo Dot, otherwise there'd be fresh potted plants arriving at my door by courier.

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas

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