Cortana says Hello, Kinect says Goodbye

Ah, Microsoft, love them or hate them, they're here to stay. This week, Cortana says Hello, and Kinect says Goodbye. It's the race to the base, the end of an era, and the start of something new.

There are times when you can't help but wonder what's going on. Just like when I opened the box of my first computer, a Commodore Plus4, with Commodore Spreadsheet software and a cassette drive, and said "wow".

I love spreadsheets. Microsoft loves spreadsheets.

While some in the ranks have dragged Microsoft kicking and screaming away from Windows 3.11 and Excel, and into the Azure, I still remain blue. I love spreadsheets.

Cortana says Hello

This week, Cortana says Hello. Microsoft's digital voice assistant has found its way in to the Harman/Kardon Invoke smart speaker. You can now invoke Cortana (haha) from afar (haha) with the included Far Field Microphone Array, and use your voice to issue commands.

Learn more about Cortana here.

Kinect says Goodbye

As one door opens, another door closes, or gets slammed shut.

Microsoft has unceremoniously announced the end of manufacture and support for the Kinect. Initially an accessory for the Xbox, the Kinect later became a PC accessory as well. Although it was intended to be a gaming peripheral, it ended up being far more popular as a general computing device, used for anything from studying movement, VR, and artscaping.

Microsoft licenced some technology from PrimeSense for the Kinect, and later Microsoft developed and miniaturised some of its own technology. While the Kinect has met its end, some of Microsoft's own tech lives on in the HoloLens.

In 2017, Apple bought PrimeSense, and Apple plans to use it for, well, anything they like.

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