Five Things in the iPhone X

There's more than meets the eye when you look inside the iPhone X. Here's five things you might not know about the parts inside your next iPhone.

While Face ID literally scans your face to unlock your iPhone X, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the components inside.

Here's five things you might not know about the parts inside your next iPhone, and they're not all Apples.

1. The OLED screen is manufactured by Samsung.

2. Different versions of the iPhone X use different modem chips. Some use LTE modems from Qualcomm, while others use LTE modems from Intel.

3. The TrueDepth Camera system uses parts made by more than five different suppliers.

4. The rear cameras use one normal camera and one telephoto lens camera. Both cameras include optical image stabilisation.

5. The A11 Bionic chip is designed by Apple, but is manufactured by TSMC in Taiwan.

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