xphone to join xbox?

Upon the unceremonious death of the Windows Phone and Windows Mobile operating systems today, we wait to hear what's next. The xphone could join the xbox in the Microsoft family tree.

Today, Microsoft killed WIndows Phone (finally) and Windows Mobile (sadly) , as previously reported by XYZ Media. Those Windows fans who had clung to their Lumia's, Idol's, and X3s were left not shocked or horrified, but with a sense of de javu. We've seen this before. Those with long memories will remember the Zune, the Kin, the Stone, and the purchase of Danger and Nokia.

Perhaps Nokia gave Microsoft a nice place to store their European cash horde off-shore.

Microsoft xphone

Microsoft's partners Samsung and HP have been out in the cold, left stranded by the closure of Windows Mobile. Danger is long gone, and Nokia is now building its own Android phones.

While speculation swirls about the introduction of a Surface-branded phone, or Surface mini-tablet, there has been not much in the way of confirmation of a Surface-branded device in the handheld / phone category.

This leads us to consider Microsoft's other popular consumer brand, xbox.

Could there be another consumer success story to come out of the gaming unit?

Will we see an xbox tablet, an xbox phone, or an xbox handheld without cellular (like the iPod touch)?

If there is to be an xbox phone, it could compete for screen time alongside the soon-to-be-revealed Razer handheld device, which is also expected to be a phone-sized device with powerful processing inside. Expected to be announced on November 1st, 2017, the new device from Razer will have a heavy focus on gaming and VR/AR.

As the xbox shrinks, from a VCR-sized device to a PS4-sized device, to a smaller, sleeker, console, could we see the xbox line deliver a gaming tablet, or a smaller gaming handheld the size of a large phone? Possibly.

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