Dell, please build the perfect Surface Companion

If anyone can build the perfect Surface companion, it has to be Dell. Please, Dell, build us the perfect companion to the Microsoft Surface!

Dell has an amazing track record of innovation and has the design team and manufacturing supply chain to provide breakthrough devices and bring them to market quickly. Evidence of this is the success of the XPS series of laptops, and the Infinity Display monitors that have almost no bezel.

They even received a Best in Show award at CES 2017 for the Dell 27" Ultrathin monitor, with an amazing stand and a near-perfect picture quality.

Dell, please build us the perfect Surface companion!

We know you can do it. We want a sleek and simple monitor with the following integrated features:

  • Windows Hello-compatible Webcam

  • Speakers

  • Microphone array

  • Cortana Far Field voice activation

  • 24" or 27" screen with Infinity Edge bezels

  • Multiport dock

  • USB-A ports

  • USB-C ports

  • SD card slot

  • Ethernet port

  • Thunderbolt 3 port (if you're feeling generous)

  • HDMI Out (to chain a second monitor)

  • A cable to connect to the Surface Connect port on a Surface device.

This would be the ultimate surface companion: an external monitor with an integrated webcam, and an integrated dock, that can power/recharge a Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, or Surface UltraMobile.

Build it, and we will buy it. We promise.

Until next time,

Xavier Zymantas

XYZ Media Group

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