Surface Laptop choice in Australia: Platinum

We love the Surface device family from Microsoft. The Surface Pro 4, Surface Studio, Surface Hub, and now the Surface Laptop. Here in Australia, you only have one colour option: Platinum.

While the new Surface Laptop is available in the United States and some other international markets in a choice of four colours, it's only available in one colour in Australia, and that's Platinum. Platinum is fine for your American Express card, but we'd love to have at least one more colour choice in Australia. I'm voting for Cobalt Blue.

Recent statistics from 2017 reveal that London, England, has a population just under 18 million people. Australia has a nation-wide population of over 25 million people, in an area the size of Western Europe. Yes, Australia is a comparatively small market, but we are a technologically advanced market with a high proportion of tech-savvy consumers.

Microsoft, we'd love more colour choices for the Surface Laptop on launch on 15th June 2017!

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