Want a Surface Studio touchscreen? Ask Dell.

Wow. Everybody loved the Surface Studio touchscreen easel PC for creative types, with its starting price of US$2,999. Shortly after, many people wished they could buy the innovative large-screen on its own, without the attached computer. Dell answered the call at CES 2017.

The Surface Studio itself is a category-creating device from Microsoft. A 28-inch Pixel Sense touch screen interactive surface compatible with the Pen and Dial, fingers, and additional accessories. Geared toward creative professionals like artists, architects, musicians, and those who draw-by-hand, the large screen slides down on a Zero Gravity hinge to a drawing-board-like easel position, making it easy to use the pen and dial on the screen, or to draw or paint using your fingers.

Now Dell has introduced the Dell Canvas, a similarly-sized 27" touch-screen with a range of Totem accessories, one of which is similar to the Surface Dial, and others which are at this point in time, unique to Dell.

However, Canvas screen isn't a complete computer like the Surface Studio. The Dell Canvas is a screen-only, with a range of ports, and integrated stands, allowing the panel to be tilted up at various hand-friendly angles.

The Canvas works with Windows 10 PCs, and is designed to take advantage of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

It also answers the call for a less expensive, screen-only solution that be plugged in to your existing PC, hopefully the powerful PC you've just spent a lot of money on in 2015 or 2016.

Starting at US$1,799, the Canvas is more affordable than the Surface Studio's price tag starting at US$2,999 - but remember, the Studio is a complete computer, while the Canvas is a screen and hub, without a computer.

Watch the video for more on the Dell Canvas.

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