Microsoft Surface Dock Version 3: Wish List

The Microsoft Surface Dock is due for a refresh, in line with the release of the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book Version 2 expected in 2017. The Surface Dock is approaching version 3, and here's what we'd like to see added to the port-laden dock.

We'd like to see the next Surface Dock include:

  • Two rear-facing USB-3.0 ports

  • Two rear-facing DisplayPort connectors

  • One rear-facing audio port

  • One rear-facing Ethernet port

  • One rear-facing power connector

  • One side-facing Kensington lock slot

  • Two updated front-facing USB-3.1 ports (updated from USB3.0)

  • Two new front-facing USB-C ports with USB-3.1 speed or Thunderbolt

  • One new rear-facing USB-C port with USB3.1 speed or Thunderbolt

  • One attached Surface Connect cable which attaches to your device with the Surface Connector.

An added bonus would be having Miracast built-in to the dock. This would enable new and previous Surface devices to wirelessly connect to external displays, conference room TVs or projectors.

Another added bonus would be a price cut, down from the hefty $299 recommended retail price.

We expect the updated Surface Dock to arrive alongside the hotly-anticipated Surface Pro 5.

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Xavier Zymantas

XYZ Media Group

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