introduces the Internet Backup Pack

with the XYZ Green Cable of Happiness!

What happens when your NBN connection stops working? 

Aside from the muffled cries of annoyance, you're left without internet and phone services until the problem is fixed.

Install the Internet Backup Pack!

The Internet Backup Pack contains all the equipment you need to keep your home or office online while the NBN is not working. This includes your computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, wifi devices, and phones.

Simply unplug your NBN cord and plug in the XYZ green cable of happiness. Done! 

Why do I need it? 

Just like having a First Aid Kit in the kitchen, the Internet Backup Pack is there when you need it, to save you from the sadness of losing your internet and phone connection when the NBN does not work during an outage. 

If you've ever had your internet "die" on you, you've experienced the utter chaos that is unleashed, as the kids cry, your employees go on a 2 hour coffee break, and everyone else has a mini meltdown until the internet signal returns. 


What does it do? 

Just like that First Aid Kit, it sits there waiting to be used. 

When your NBN or other internet connection fails, it's ready and waiting.

You simply unplug your NBN cord and plug in the XYZ green cable of happiness. All the lights start flashing, and you have a backup internet connection ready to take over, until the NBN is in a good mood again. 

How do I switch back to the NBN when everything is back to normal? 

Simply unplug the green cable and plug in your NBN cord. Easy. 

What is included in the NBN Backup Pack? 

Everything you need to get your internet running again is included:

  • A backup internet router box 

  • A backup internet connection

  • A prepaid data plan 

  • A power cord

  • An easy to follow non-technical User Guide 

  • An Internet Outage "How To Switch" Poster

  • And of course, the XYZ Green Cable of Happiness
    to get you online when your NBN or other internet connection fails. 

Do I need installation? 

Choose your install method: 

  • Self-Install:
    Simply follow the step-by-step user guide 

  • Standard Indoor Install: for homes and most businesses:
    Free Expert Indoor Install on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane
    Other Areas: Contact Us for a Quote; or Self-Install as above.

  • Optional Outdoor Antenna Install:
    For some industrial and commercial customers:
    Contact Us for a Quote.

How Does It Work? 

When your NBN or other internet connection suddenly stops working, we recommend you follow the normal process and report the outage to your internet service provider or phone company. 

Next, simply unplug your NBN cord and plug in your backup connection, using the XYZ green cable of happiness. Wait 2 minutes while the lights flash, and you're connected, ready to go. 

The green cable transfers your network traffic to the mobile phone network, as a backup internet connection, while your NBN service is not working. 

Then, when your NBN connection is operational again, simply unplug the green cable and plug in your NBN connection as normal. 

Are there any monthly fees? 

No! This service is prepaid, ready to go, any time there is a disruption to your normal internet connection. Simply buy a prepaid plan with the amount of data you would normally use for a 3 to 5 day period.

Prepaid Plans are available for 6 month or 12 month usage.


Alternatively, buy a prepaid or postpaid plan with more data
to suit your needs. 

Call or email us for more information about compatible data plans. 


How To Get this Plan

1. Click "Get This Plan"

2. Enter your address to check your coverage

2. Follow the Prompts to complete your order

3. Receive your order confirmation via email

4. Your order will be processed within 2 business days


Total Minimum Cost:

$197 for Equipment Only; or

$247 for Equipment and PrePaid Data Pack bundle.

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