Factual Communication

The Facts, and nothing but the facts.... dry and boring.

Our Factual Communication services takes your dry and boring data and produces brilliantly-readable text, that not only conveys the facts, but peppers it with interesting insights, perspectives, analysis, or your choice of random objects.

While we can produce long-form dry and boring text if you want us to, most Clients and their audiences will prefer to read and absorb your factual content if it is well-structured, purposeful, descriptive, and written with a dramatic movie in mind. Accounting data may not transform into a Hollywood screenplay, but it doesn't need to put you to sleep.

Factual Writing has gained popularity after Donald Trump's alternative facts became lies. 

We undertake a short interview with you, ask appropriate questions, and determine the preferred outcome before we begin. Then, through a series of revisions, we can refine the project to your needs, producing copy that delivers your message without putting your audience to sleep.

Factual Communication is ideal for:

  • Reports

  • Annual Reports

  • Annual General Meetings

  • Project Overviews

  • Proposals

  • Tenders

  • Manuals

  • Policies and Procedures

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