Biography of Xavier Zymantas

Xavier Zymantas was raised by his parents and grandparents in semi-rural New South Wales, between Newcastle and Sydney, in Australia.

His Grandfather was a Lithuanian land-owner, farmer, farrier, boot maker, and clock repairman, later working at the Air Force Base and power station. Xavier's Grandmother was an artisan baker, who attended confectionery school in Europe before moving to Australia. 

Xavier's father was in the British Air Force, before moving to Australia. In Australia, he worked for Mobil Oil, and later returned to using his Air Force experience as a turbine technician at a power station. Xavier's mother worked in a range of office roles in Newcastle and Sydney, before moving in to Statistics and Economics with the New South Wales Electricity Commission.

Primary School 

Xavier was introduced to school at age 4, adjusting to a group social environment, and learnt to play the piano. He entered the Advanced Academic programme, and was encouraged to excel in languages, music, IT, and science. His primary school was one of the first in NSW with an Apple computer lab in the early 1980s, with an AppleTalk computer network and an Apple midi music room. 

At the end of primary school, Xavier won a scholarship to attend Newcastle Grammar School. 

High School 

After one year of high school, his family relocated to the Gold Coast, Australia, where he attended Trinity Lutheran College as part of the Accelerated Academic programme, as their youngest ever student, aged 12 in Year 9. Xavier completed Year 12 at the age of 15, with high marks in English, IT, and Biology.


Xavier entered the Fast Stream Academic level at Griffith University, as their youngest ever student, at the age of 15, turning 16 in his first year at university. He completed a Bachelor of Multimedia. While at university, he also completed an Technology Internship with AXIS ITEC and received a Civ. IT. 

After University 

He completed a Traineeship with a Gold Coast telecommunications company, and was promoted to Analyst Programmer within the IT Department on completion of his training. After three years with the same company, Xavier moved to another IT company at the Bond University Technology Park. He then became self-employed, and contracted to a variety of IT and Telecommunications companies, including a role where he managed servers and networks at a Boeing PowerTel Data Centre location near Bond University. 


Xavier founded a technology business called Xtol Digital, acquiring a range of clients and contracting on IT projects around Queensland. The company grew, and was later purchased by a long term client. 

Xavier started his next business, Aurora Bay Media, at first on his own, then adding a small team of talented staff. This business focused on innovative fixed line and mobile telecommunication solutions, and was purchased in 2005 by a leading German telecommunications giant. 

Using some of the funds from the sale, Xavier travelled around Europe, the UK, and the United States. 

In 2009, after taking two years off from IT, and waiting out his non-compete clause, Xavier started his next business venture, creating and prototyping innovative telecommunications software with connections across the internet. 


Recently, Xavier has returned to his creative roots, utilising his Multimedia degree, with XYZ Media Group. XYZ Media produces "Words for Any Audience", a creative communication and copy writing suite, along with technology blogs, articles, and other written communications. 

XYZ Media also produces XYZtech, Australia's most connected Microsoft and Apple technology blog. XYZtech hosts articles and futurism, and sells a range of articles and tech insights to various international publications under licence. 


Xavier has survived rugby injuries, strokes, a minor heart attack, and has recovered from a significant brain injury which impaired his speech, mobility, hearing, and balance. Most systems are back to 90%. 

Xavier is an advocate and supporter of causes including Mental Health, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Stroke, and Brain Injury recovery.


Xavier lives in Robina on the Gold Coast, Australia. Located amongst Bond University, the IBM Research Park, Varsity Lakes, and Robina Town Centre, this high-demand technology area is ideal for a creative technology business and lifestyle. 

Xavier maintains a strong interest in technology, along with communications, music, science, electric vehicles, future tech, and multimedia. Xavier plays chess for fun. 

Xavier Zymantas