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What is a Brand?

A brand is a recognisable imprint, such as:

Adidas, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, McDonalds.

Things that are not brands, are 'products' such as:

Shoes, chocolate, fizzy drinks, burgers.


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Business meeting

Everything works perfectly.

You've been running your business and everything works perfectly. You've cracked the code. Your staff are awesome. 

You just need more customers. 

How do you get more customers?

Get more


How do you attract more customers?

Most businesses will attract customers by using advertising, or sales, or price cuts. 

But what happens when the sale ends? 

How do you keep your prices high, 

and sell sell sell?

Get more customers
Branded Copywriting

How to Sell at

Full Price:

Step 1: Develop a Brand

  • Develop and brand. 

  • Promote your brand. 

  • Attach price and value to your brand. 

  • Promote your branded products.  

Step 2:  Use Branded Copywriting in your Advertisements

  • Develop a unique persona for your brand.

  • Carry that persona through your advertising text. 

  • Carry that persona through to your product range. 

  • Sub-brand your most popular / most lucrative products. 

  • Promote your brands and sub-brands. 

Option 1: Do It Yourself

  • Do it yourself. 

  • Saves money.

  • Takes time. 

  • Requires skills that can be learnt. 

Option 2:  Get Xavier to be your Saviour. 

  • We do it for you! 

  • We save you time!

  • We rapidly transform your brand.

  • We rapidly implement your brand message.

  • We help you sell sell sell - your products and services -
    at full price. 

Professional Woman Sitting
Running a busiess is hard

No customers...

or a waiting list?

What would you rather have? 
No customers, or a waiting list of buyers?

Of course, you want to sell sell sell every day,

whether you have a half-price-sale on or not. 

Getting people in the door (or to your website) is hard. 

What if you could have a waiting list of customers,

ready to buy buy buy, when you're ready to sell sell sell? 

You need a waiting list.

Where do you get one?

Surprise! .... We build waiting lists for you! 

Your customers are waiting

Your product sells because people need it. If you sell real estate, they don't want an agent, they want a home. If you sell cars, they don't want a car company, they want a vehicle. 

We help you define your product, 
We help you define your customer, 

Then we attract lots of customers to your business. 

Get customers who buy

When all your customers are buying:

Business is booming!

Do you wish you had a virtually-unlimited supply of new customers, who are ready to buy? What about a group of repeat customers, who buy many times a year? What about those who only buy when your product is discounted?

Don't use tricks and profit-reducing sales to encourage customers to buy. 

Instead, educate your customers on the value, quality, benefits, and advantages of your products, at full price, and sell your product at full price, all year. 

Get your business booming. 

Crate Demand

To make money, you need to sell your product. 
To make the most money, you need to sell your product at full price. So don't discount to attract customers, and create hot zones and slow zones in your sales figures. 

Create hot zones all year, by selling your product to the people who want to buy it, at full price, all year. 
Then throw in a loyalty programme for your best buyers. 

Crowd Gathering

Inspire Loyalty. Harness referrals and loyalty by getting

Your Best Customers to refer a friend, and earn reward points.

Stop discounting. Stop selling at 50% off. 

Instead, sell at full price, every day, all year, and inspire loyalty by inviting only your best customers to:

  • refer a friend,

  • earn reward points,

  • participate in special events and promotions

... without losing money on discounts!

Generate a waiting list of eager buyers, 

ready to buy buy buy, 

any time you want to sell sell sell. 


You need a Waiting List. 


"Simply the Best"


"Better than

all the rest!"


"Yes, please! 

I need a Brand package

with Branded Copywriting,

ready to sell sell sell!"

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